Grand Opening Q & A


Q: Does my insurance cover that?

Insurance could cover this but we offer this at a lower price, since the test is very new test most insurance does NOT recognize it as a covered test yet, however you could try to submit the payment receipt to your insurance and see if you can get reimbursement. If there's any abnormal findings that need to be treated, the treatment and the consultation will be covered by the insurance.


Q: Can I get this test through my insurance?

This test is very advanced cardiac imaging, it may take multiple steps to get to the point that you get this kind of test, seeing the priamry care doctor, then get referred to a cardiologist, then getting a stress test test, and then MAYBE getting Cardiac CTA, through the insurance and through regular health care benefits, this may take multiple steps requiring multiple Co-payments which will end up costing more than the $500. We offer this at a lower price to make it so easy to get this test and get the information as quick as you need to.


Q: What do I need to do to get these tests?

You have to call and make an appointment.


Q: Any preparation for this test?

You have to be fasting for at least eight hours in order for the blood work to be accurate.


Q: Do I need to bring any previous results from my doctor?

While the tests are comprehensive; if you would be able to bring previous lab results and previous care testing from your doctor will be helpful to compare the results to what we have now to see the progression of any condition.

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